Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Welcome to Strive

Strive is a community "Not for Profit" organisation which was set up to primarily offer a needs led, flexible Community Counselling Service in the Selby and surrounding areas. It provides Counselling in a general capacity but also incorporates “Empatheyes Counselling” (a sight loss specific counselling service) See our aims and objectives here

The Strive Community Counselling Service will enable people experiencing physical or mental health difficulties, sight loss or other issues to talk in a confidential setting about their fears, concerns and issues relating to a decline in their health and wellbeing and / or eye sight. To overcome these through therapeutic intervention, build confidence, self-esteem, reduce further isolation, and prevent a deterioration of related mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. It will enable individuals to enhance their independence and create a feeling of inclusion within their families, peer groups and / or society as a whole.

Strive was created by Tracy Wilson and 5 committee members who are dedicated to transforming the lives of people living with disabilities or health conditions that impact on their day to day lives. Personal and work experiences over the years were the driving force behind this group of people coming together to form Strive, to make a difference to local people. Tracy who runs the Counselling Service is a Qualified Therapeutic Counsellor with 20 years of experience supporting people with disabilities.
You can find out more about the Team here

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