Wednesday, February 20, 2019

So here is an introduction to the team at Strive

Meet the Strive Yorkshire Team

Tracy Wilson

Hi, I’m Tracy and a qualified Therapeutic Counsellor since 1999. Over the years I have worked in various settings providing Counselling and support to people and their families and carers with a variety of disabilities, health conditions and experiencing mental health difficulties as a result of these. I have lived experience of disability myself and also as a parent of 2 disabled children. I have experienced anxiety and depression at times as a result of this lived experience. I was keen when I moved back to Yorkshire to set up a flexible and easy to access Counselling service to put my skills and knowledge to good use to benefit the local community. I have been fortunate to meet good, enthusiastic people with the same desire to help others. Through these connections Strive Yorkshire was created and I am delighted to be leading the project work of this organisation. 

Paul Stringer

Hi. I’m Paul, a nerd by day, multimedia artist by night. Chair of Strive by good fortune. I’m delighted to be on board. I run a community-focused IT company and spin plates to Olympic standard.

Strive is a brilliant initiative, and one I’m proud to be associated with.


Belinda Snaith
Hi my name is Belinda, when Tracy asked me to become secretary to a non-profit organisation I jumped to the chance and felt very privileged. Strive will reach out to individuals with a range of disabilities supporting individuals in the Selby district who need and deserve this dynamic counselling service.

Gail Dean
Hi, my name is Gail Dean and I am the Treasurer of Strive. I have an eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa and am registered severely sight impaired (blind). I was a teaching assistant but had to retire because of my failing sight but now I volunteer for a local charity to assist people with vision loss. I became involved with Strive mostly because of my own personal difficulties with sight loss and not having the right services to reach out to at my most difficult times.


Emily Havercroft
Hi - I’m Emily, proud and excited steering group member of Strive.
I have been working with and for people with disabilities and long term health conditions for over 15 years. For those who often need them the most, the lack of accessible counselling services can be frustrating, disappointing and at times worrying. Strive, through its aims and ethos, helps provide exactly what is needed - meaningful, invaluable support to assist both individuals and communities.


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